What is the value of career coaching?

A professional coach helps you develop the skills and abilities to improve your job search skills. They can help you write a cover letter, review your resume and practice your interview skills. Are you thinking about a career change? You are far from alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered almost all existing labor regulations, leading to a reorganization in the labor market that continues to affect all sectors, the type of work and the demographics of employees.

However, don't let the recent increase in the number of people changing jobs fool you into thinking that a new and rewarding career will fall on your lap in this favorable market of candidates. Finding work is still a difficult task. Especially if you're among the many workers who are reevaluating their career path and are considering entering an entirely new field or type of work, there's a lot to consider, research and manage. In this case, a professional coach can be very valuable.

Job seekers often benefit from the responsibility they receive from working with a career counselor when looking for a new job. Along with information about the hiring process, accountability and planning, a good coach can also increase your confidence and encourage you when you feel stuck. How to say no to a recruiter (5 examples).

Professional coaching

is an invaluable resource that can provide significant value to your professional life.

By partnering with clients, career counselors can help job seekers exchange ideas, clarify why they are seeking employment, and help people currently working improve their performance in the workforce. You want to make a career change or improve your job prospects, but time goes by and nothing seems to materialize. The right professional coach can increase your chances of achieving professional success and help you move toward your professional goals more quickly. Instead, your career advisor will help you create an outstanding resume that shows your understanding of the position you're applying for and the specific needs of the organization.

A professional coach can help you differentiate yourself from other professionals in your field through personal branding. Rather, a professional advisor will act as a neutral third party that can provide constructive and independent advice. Some career counselors specialize in general career counseling and planning, while others will have more experience helping job seekers in particular. They may have exercises to determine their strengths and weaknesses, their main skills, and the career path to follow based on them.

With a professional advisor, you will have someone who will be responsible for verifying that you are doing the right activities and that you are meeting the goals and objectives you have set for your job search and your career, which should undoubtedly include networking. As someone who has played an active role in project management in my own career and who is also a professional coach, I welcome this trend. Another benefit of professional coaching is that professional counselors know the different interview styles and can help you anticipate the questions that interviewers are likely to ask. Prospective employers can feel confident, and having a professional advisor on your side can help you build that trust and create the right mindset to show employers why they should hire you.

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