Is a career coach a good investment?

And the best professional coaches don't cost a penny. Rather, they're your network, your personal board of directors, the people you can lean on and learn from as you chart your path. Most coaches offer free sample sessions, which will allow you to clearly understand what type of coach and training style works best for you. Professional coaches help clients make their own wise decisions about how to “maximize their personal and professional potential,” according to the International Coaching Federation.

When you focus on “cost,” it's human nature to spend as little time, energy, and money as possible on your career. Too many people focus on the “one-time cost” of training rather than on the dividends and interest earned over THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Download my free 4-step roadmap to regain your confidence, be clear about what you really want and start the path to a satisfying professional career. Select a coach who stays up to date on current trends and who has a decent website where you can learn more about service offerings.

Coaches can perform a comprehensive review or decode your performance feedback to discover the behaviors you need to adjust to continue growing in your career. Ask him what the coach does to keep up to date with the latest job search strategies and what part of the career guidance process he focuses on (for example, having this certification means that the coach complies with a training code of ethics and is engaged in continuing education to be re-certified every three years). As a Switcher, you want a coach who has helped others make the transition to new careers and who understands the need to change brands. If the issues you're trying to address go beyond your professional career, you can start by hiring a therapist, who can help you explore your past trauma and understand its impacts on all areas of your life, including your career.

It's important to note that professional coaches should never promise that they'll get you a job or help you get a certain salary, because you have the key to your success. The price has nothing to do with whether that professional coach is right for you and your goals. A good professional coach will help you to really understand how to create and use a well-thought-out CV with the right format for your benefit. Instead of false promises, coaches should try to gain clarity about their objectives and any tangible results they want to obtain from the association (i.e., the lack of certain credentials doesn't necessarily mean that someone isn't an expert coach).

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